Welcome to Our Farmacy

Food As Delicious Medicine

'Farmacy' is not a typo, even though my spell check kept trying to put it back to its less truthful concept we have all come to embrace, the pharmacy. We happened upon this sign posted outside of a fenced in garden in Downeast Maine. It’s always struck me as a powerful concept that needs sharing and elaboration.

Indulge Your tastebuds

My favorite thing about food is that it is delicious. We have six tastebuds...yes, the umami tastebud is considered one of the tribe now. I have a dear friend who had a rare brain attack that left her mouth unable to distinguish any difference between her tastebuds. She enthusiastically accompanied a group of colleagues and I to a Himalayan restaurant for an 'all you can eat' buffet....hello, variety! While we were all drooling over the brilliant favors of Himalayans cuisine, she enjoyed the variety of textures that also make food very enjoyable.

Early Influences

Maja and I grew up in a restaurant, literally. Our parents opened the Spice of Life in 1977. Our family dwelling was on the 2nd level of the restaurant, a large living space to accommodate our six person family comfortably. The Spice of Life was the local hang out and bar, but also a fine dining establishment for those seeking ethnic gourmet and a place to get your jam on on the weekends in York Village, Maine. Our bedroom was above the dance floor so we were exposed to a lot of good disco late into the weekend nights. The Spice Of Life was sold in 1986 and sadly turned into a group of gynecologists offices. Life has been a journey since the old days at "The Spice."

Some of our fondest childhood memories were watching our Dad become a culinary artist as he crafted a masterpieces for the specials menu. His chili recipe was a hot item when we sold the restaurant. When he played with food, he was in THE ZONE and all our patrons were the beneficiaries of his creative genius. 

It’s safe to say that he passed his love of all things food onto his children. We have all taken our own path with it, but what brings us together with the most pleasure and love is mealtime. It is truly medicine for our bodies and our souls. The food component of our retreat is something we are both passionate about. Our greatest vision and goal for the retreat is to inspire and equip those interested with the tools to connect you with food as medicine, a reason for celebration and to enjoy its wholesome deliciousness.


Maja Liotta