Meet Your Guides


Maja and Nicole

Maja and Nicole are identical twins who have activated their super twin powers to bring you a multi-faceted retreat experience that will enrich, invigorate and inspire you.  After a lifetime of adventuring in some of the world’s most beautiful places coupled with their gift for sharing their passions is what led to the consummation of this vision.




Maja Liotta


Maja, a resident of Maui, is an avid surfer, mountain biker, dancer, yogi and dedicated wife and mother to three adventurous children, Anja (16), Nora (13) and Makai (8). 

Chef Maja Liotta credits her childhood years growing up in the Spice of Life Restaurant in seaside town, York Village, Maine for her success as one of Maui’s most sought after private chefs. 

Utilizing Maui's amazing produce to elevate mealtime to a feast for all senses, Maja realizes that we eat first with our eyes. Maja's menus are not just beautiful but nourishing, balanced and cleansing.

Passionate about her calling, Maja will also incorporate an interactive component to evening mealtime, allowing participants to take home more than just a memory of a great tasting meal but equipping guests with the practical knowledge to carry it forward for their own enjoyment. 

Nicole Cavallaro


Nicole, a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, is an avid yogi, rower, skier, mountain biker, and aspiring jewelry artist. She cherishes her time with her young children, Carlo (6) and Nina (3).

Nicole has dedicated her life to wellness education. She has lead retreats internationally, sharing her message of wellness through creative expression, nature therapy, culinary cleansing, yoga and meditation.

Nicole created a unique multi-disciplinary wellness curriculum that is taught in the charter school system in Salt Lake City and is a passionate health advocate and co-founder of Green Tree Yoga, a 501c3 non profit that brings yoga programs to schools in institutions. She is co-author of Yoga for Kids to Teens (Sunstone Press, 2008) and is also a coach for the Huntsman Cancer Institute where she shares rowing with cancer survivors on the Great Salt Lake. While on retreat, you will experience SOLA Yoga Stikk, a unique style of Yoga invented by Nicole that incorporates a 4-foot wooden dowel to assist in furthering your practice. 

Getting Personal


Our family underwent a life changing event on July 21, 2016.  Our brother, the rock of our family, the person that puts “dynamic” in family dynamic suffered a life threatening stroke while we were all about the sit down to dinner at our family reunion. The fallout from this event has been so massive, just the outpouring of love and care from our extended family and friends touched our hearts so deeply it made us question a lot…

For Maja, her husband’s diagnosis with a seriously degenerative autoimmune disease in 2010 really forced their family to reassess and initiate change- an involuntary “reset” that came swiftly and inconveniently to say the least. A journey of faith, resilience and rebirth has ensued. Soljourn Retreats was birthed in concept ten years ago and has now come into fruition. We are humbled and honored to share, laugh, play, create and celebrate with you.