Should I rent a car? 

A car is not necessary unless you want to have the ability to explore during downtime hours. We will provide your airport transfers to and from Kahului Airport (OGG), Maui and all inter-island touring. We will also provide reasonable accommodation for extra outings, such as a trip into town for a beach run or shopping stop. We can also arrange for delivery and pick up.

What will I need to bring? 

Bring good water shoes, a sarong, skin covering (rash guards, tights, hats), bathing suits (several), rain gear, a sweatshirt or jacket and beanie for Haleakala sunrise morning excursions, comfortable walking/hiking shoes, your preferred suncare products, any vitamins or supplements, medication, a water bottle or hydration pack, towel, sunglasses, backpack or small daypack (nothing too large - think waterbottle, towel, camera) and ear plugs (to block out early morning rooster crows).

What happens if it rains the entire week?

Fortunately,  Maui has one of the most diverse array of micro climates on earth so chances are if its raining on the north shore,  its hot and sunny on the south side.    Although inclement weather is a part of life on Planet Earth,   we can certainly carpe diem and make the most of whatever mother nature throws at us.  We ascribe to the Girls Scouts mantra- Always be prepared!

What is your refund policy? 

Your spot is considered non refundable at 30 days prior to the retreat.  Payment in full is required at 45 days out.  If however,  there are extreme unforeseen circumstances,  we extend grace on a case per case basis especially if reasonable effort is made to fill your vacancy.  

Can I get body work or additional therapies? 

We have a network of excellent bodyworkers that will come to the premises and do individual therapies for an additional cost.  We pair with an acupuncturist, several massage therapists, physical therapist and a chiropractor to meet your needs.  There are two two hour blocks of time daily to book body work, we only ask that you work around those hours so as not to miss the other experiences.