Terms & Policies



All reservations can be made through the website link or feel free to connect with us over the phone.  We welcome an opportunity to discuss your specific needs or if you have special requests or questions. 


You will be refunded 100% of your deposit and any payment made towards your retreat if you cancel 30 days prior to the retreat.  Any refund after that is determined on a case by case basis.  We reserve the right to determine what is reasonable and fair.


You are welcome to check in to our retreat space starting at noon on the first day of the retreat.  If you arrive early or stay later than the retreat dates, we enjoy the opportunity to help you find accommodations (a reasonable additional fee will be added).


It is in your best interest to consult with your care giver before attending if you have any concerns about your physical and emotional well being.  Our cuisine has been known to have a subtle cleansing affect on the body and could initiate a gentle detoxification process if your diet prior to the retreat is highly processed.  

Safety is the primary objective of our activities. Yoga, surfing, silversmithing, snorkeling, hiking, etc., have obvious risks associated with them but we do our best to provide the safest possible environment for all.  We encourage you to confide in us if you have specific concerns regarding any limitations you may have.