Our OMGenuis Pledge

Let’s admit it...we all spend way too much time looking at a screen. It’s maddening really. We all feel the pull to check in way more than the average present human should. 

How do we take such a powerful source such as the screen and use it to maximize our existence instead of sucking it out of us?

That’s the challenge and we are going to take it on! 

Our contribution to this vision is to only share with you OMGenuis quality information.  The information will present itself in many forms - recipes, writing prompts, mindful practices, cardio craziness, yoga postures, medicinal nutritional information, etc.  In our first post (date and link)  we shared our family history with you, minus the dysfunction and sadness, and a healing recipe for watermelon that your whole family will love. My three year old asks for it by name. If you actively participate in our website you will be changing the destructive path of screen time and maximizing your existence.

Today’s morsel is a reflective question — what four words would you want your friends to describe you as? In your journal, we invite you to elaborate with why as deep as you want to go.
Big blessing to you,
Nicole C.

Nicole Cavallaro