Eating with Our Hands

I always preferred meals that I ate with my hands when I was little.  My children think any food we eat with our hands is "way more fun!!” than foods that require utensils.   

What do you think?  

Our hands are definitely designed to hold things, especially our food. Thank you, opposable thumbs! It would be an evolutionary disaster if cows had to hold on to their grass while they munched on it or if a tiger had to cut up his catch with a knife before he could consume his scored prey. Our hands are designed for a very specific purpose.   

My children and I spent a good chunk of our morning picking goji berries. They are quite small and annoying to pick. I am pretty certain the reason they cost $14 per pound because of the effort required to get them off the bush and into our mouths.  I don’t actually care for the taste of them but apparently, they are a SUPERFOOD!  

If you have never seen a goji berry, this is what they look like.  My son started to get bored after picking a small handful and wanted to quit. I tried to incentivize him by paying him 1 cent per goji berry. I paid him out $1 by the end of our picking session. 

A teaching moment was at hand… 

It was a counting lesson but even more importantly, I reminded him that 100 years ago Costco didn’t exist and people had to pick their food to eat it. How hungry are you? What will we eat when our goji berry plant winters over along with the rest of our backyard? 

The next couple of months we will deeply appreciate our ability to pick, hold and carry our food. Harvest time is a rewarding, sometimes overwhelming season, however, it’s a time for creativity, manual labor, intuitive culinary artistry and lots of dishwashing! The next several blog posts I will be sharing our recipes, ideas, and techniques.

Many blessings of wellness to YOU!