Silence is Golden


Some days I would argue that it’s platinum. Maja and I were discussing the daily events that we wanted to incorporate into your retreat. Meditation was at the top of the list. It is one of the best therapeutic tools and all it takes is…. NOTHING. Why is that so hard?  Our other retreat adventures require major planning and logistical coordination. Will snorkeling with tropical fish and accidentally colliding with sea turtles be life changing? Absolutely! The other end of the pleasure spectrum is the opportunity to train our brain to be in the present moment.  It’s easy to do this when our monkey minds are enthusiastically engaged in the present moment.  Unfortunately, our current state of overstimulation/multitasking society has trained our brains into a condition that makes our attention spans shorter than ever. Good news!! There is a solution and it’s simple…

It is simple but not easy. 

The antidote to our current state of mental chaos is to do NOTHING. Yup, sit still and pay attention. Neuroscience technology is proving it. It releases a cascade of neurochemicals that increase our mental well-being. Meditation is as effective as pharmaceutical interventions.

Our OMGenuis opportunity for you this week is to take little moments out of your day to invite silence. My favorite way lately is to turn OFF the radio while driving. It’s an easy commitment and it really works. In fact, I have started turning off the radio before I turn my car off so when I start it up the next time I drive I have to consciously decide if I want noise. I find myself choosing silence more and more. Can you find a little smidgen of time to carve out for silence? You don’t have to make it official with a seated position or even a closed door.  Treat yourself to some bling platinum today! You deserve it.