Restore your body through daily meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, hammock time, harvesting organic produce and soaking in the sunshine that abounds richly on Maui.




Upon arrival, you’ll be gifted a journal for you to reflect on your experiences. A daily journaling practice has been heralded as one of the most therapeutic rituals for healing and introspection. We will offer daily writing prompts to help prime your written expression pump. We encourage everyone to practice their “morning pages”; journaling done before even getting out of bed for at least 10 minutes each morning.


We all know it’s the next best thing but who makes time for it as much as we deserve? We will carve out 30 minutes twice a day for a seated meditation and pranayama option. We highly encourage everyone to participate. It is a game changer.  






The Sanskrit word “Yoga” means to join or yoke. The physical practice of yoga has evolved over the past 5,000 years to accommodate many different physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Our daily yoga practice will give you an opportunity to join your body, mind and spirit the way it was intended. Your guide, Nicole, has been teaching Yoga to diverse populations (cancer survivors, substance abuse recovery, at-risk teens, Olympic athletes and more) for the past 15 years.

No previous yoga experience is necessary.